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Table 7 Tremor frequency and spectral power changes when altering visual input

From: Exploring the effects of deep brain stimulation and vision on tremor in Parkinson’s disease - benefits from objective methods

Changes from Eyes Closed to Eyes Open  
Recording method and siteDBSFrequency increase [Hz]aPeak power decreasea
Force platformOFF0.0 (0.1)1.4 (0.6)
ON0.1 (−)2.4 (−)
Body MovementsOFFHead0.1 (0.1)1.8 (1.4)
Shoulder0.1 (0.1)0.7 (0.2)
Hip0.3 (−)0.7 (−)
Knee0.0 (0.0)0.8 (0.6)
ONHead−0.7 (0.7)0.9 (0.1)
Shoulder0.1 (−)2.4 (−)
Hip0.1 (−)3.0 (−)
Knee0.1 (0.4)2.0 (1.5)
Body Movements - Average all sitesDBS OFF0.1 (0.1)1.0 (0.8)
DBS ON−0.1 (0.5)2.1 (0.8)
  1. aMean (SEM) values are presented for tremor frequency increase (frequency EC -frequency EO) and peak power increase (power EC/power EO) for the different DBS states. In the cases no tremor peak was detected in one state, the frequency change was set to 0 and the power changes were calculated using the power at the frequency where the peak tremor was detected at in the other DBS state