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Table 5 Discriminant ability (differences between patients with stroke and healthy subjects)

From: Reliability, validity and discriminant ability of a robotic device for finger training in patients with subacute stroke

 Mean difference (patients - healthy)SE difference95% SEP*
HandForceext−23,41,5−26,3−20,4< 0.001
HandForceflex−68,34,8−77,7−58,9< 0.001
Muscle tone (N)−13,83,6−20,9−6,8< 0.001
MASV11,10,30,61,6< 0.001
MTSV10,80,20,31,3< 0.001
MASV31,20,30,71,7< 0.001
MTSV30,80,20,31,2< 0.001
  1. Comparison between patients with stroke and healthy subjects are assessed by means of the Mann-Whitney U test. SE Standard error. Values in bold indicate statistical significance (p lower than 0.05)
  2. The negative value means a higher tone of flexor muscles in patients with stroke, when compared with healthy subjects
  3. * Corrected for multiple comparison, by using a False Discovery Rate procedure