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Fig. 2

From: Applying LDA-based pattern recognition to predict isometric shoulder and elbow torque generation in individuals with chronic stroke with moderate to severe motor impairment

Fig. 2

Top) Sample joint torque for one trial of two different shoulder tasks: shoulder adduction and internal rotation, with delineation of which data were selected (> 20% of max in tested direction) for use in the classifier. Bottom) Sample EMG for 2 of the 8 channels: anterior deltoid (used during internal rotation), and pectoralis major (used in adduction and internal rotation). Shoulder Adduction (ADD)/Abduction (ABD); Internal (IR)/External (ER) rotation; Horizontal Adduction (HAD)/Horizontal Abduction (HAB); Elbow Extension (EE)/Elbow Flexion (EF); Newton-meters (Nm); Volts (V); Milliseconds (ms)

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