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Table 1 The divided cortical regions and their abbreviations

From: Novel gait training alters functional brain connectivity during walking in chronic stroke patients: a randomized controlled pilot trial

Abbreviation Cortical location Channels
IF Ipsilesional frontal area F4, F6
MF Middle frontal area F1, Fz, F2
CF Contralesional frontal area F5, F3
IFC Ipsilesional frontal-central area FC4, FC6
MFC Middle frontal-central area FC1, FCz, FC2
CFC Contralesional frontal-central area FC5, FC3
IC Ipsilesional central area C4, C6
MC Middle central area C1, Cz, C2
CC Contralesional central area C5, C3
ICP Ipsilesional central-parietal area CP4, CP6
MCP Middle central-parietal area CP1, CPz, CP2
CCP Contralesional central-parietal area CP5, CP3
MP Middle parietal area P1, Pz, P2, POz