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Fig. 2

From: Muscle synergies demonstrate only minimal changes after treatment in cerebral palsy

Fig. 2

(Top Left) Average (± SD) synergy weights and activations for the typically developing children. Average TD weights and activations define the synergy archetypes that were used to compare synergies before and after treatment for the children with CP. Comparison of the average (± SD) pre- and post-treatment synergy weights and activations for BTA (Top Right), SDR (Bottom Left), and SEMLS (Bottom Right). BTA Botulinum Toxin Injection Type-A, SDR Selective Dorsal Rhysotomy, SEMLS Single Event Multi-Level Orthopaedic Surgery, TD Typically-Developing Children, RF Rectus Femoris, VL Vastus Lateralis, MH Medial Hamstrings, LH Lateral Hamstrings, TA Tibialis Anterior, GAS Medial Gasterocnemius, SOL Soleus, GLU Gluteus Medius

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