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Fig. 1

From: Muscle synergies demonstrate only minimal changes after treatment in cerebral palsy

Fig. 1

(Top) Histogram of the number of synergies to account for greater than 90% of the variance in EMG data (N90) for the children with CP (pre-treatment and post-treatment). (Bottom) Average (+/− 1 SD) total variance accounted for (tVAF) by one to five synergies for the children with CP (pre-treatment and post-treatment). The TD tVAF is shown in grey (average +/− 1 SD) for comparrison. *indicates significant change in tVAFn following treatment (p < 0.05). BTA Botulinum Toxin Injection Type-A, SDR Selective Dorsal Rhysotomy, SEMLS, Single Event Multi-Level Orthopaedic Surgery, TD Typically-Developing Children

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