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Fig. 5

From: Uneven terrain exacerbates the deficits of a passive prosthesis in the regulation of whole body angular momentum in individuals with a unilateral transtibial amputation

Fig. 5

Variability (standard deviation) of sagittal plane angular momentum. Values (a) at foot contact (vLC) and (b) during ipsilateral stance phase (vLR), normalized to mass, height and speed (dimensionless). Individuals with (n = 10) and without (n = 10) amputation walking on flat (FT; blue bars) and uneven (UT; gray bars) terrain. Solid and dashed bars indicate prosthetic and sound (or matched prosthetic and sound) limbs respectively. Pairwise comparisons: ‘*’ significant difference between limbs (prosthesis vs sound); ‘¥’ significant difference between groups (amputation vs no impairment); ‘₼’ significant difference between terrain conditions (flat versus uneven); all at p = 0.05

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