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Fig. 3

From: Uneven terrain exacerbates the deficits of a passive prosthesis in the regulation of whole body angular momentum in individuals with a unilateral transtibial amputation

Fig. 3

Whole body sagittal plane angular momentum, L. Values normalized to mass, height and speed, and time normalized to the right stride (dimensionless). Values are positive in the clockwise direction. Individual participant profiles: (a) prosthetic side gait cycle of 65 yr. old male with right unilateral amputation (b) matched prosthetic side gait cycle of 64 yr. old male with no amputation. Mean of 60 strides ±1 standard deviation. FT – flat terrain, UT – Uneven terrain. LC – Value of L at foot contact; LR – Range of L over first 50% of the gait cycle (within non-shaded region)

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