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Fig. 8

From: Physiological and kinematic effects of a soft exosuit on arm movements

Fig. 8

Fatigue analysis. a Raw signal and envelope of the electromyography (EMG) of the biceps brachii of one subject, during the isometric task, for both the unpowered and powered condition. b Trend of the average rectified value (ARV) and median frequency (MNF) of the EMG signal of one subject, during the last isometric contraction. Indexes are expressed in percentage of their initial value. A steeper positive slope for the ARV and a steeper negative one for the MNF indicate a faster onset of fatigue [52]. c The slope of the ARV and MNF, averaged over subjects. Both indexes confirm that wearing the exosuit significantly reduces the onset of fatigue (p = 0.03 for the ARV and p = 0.01 for the MNF). Error bars show the standard error of the mean

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