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Table 4 Used options in the semi-automatic search and automatic search for each patient

From: User-centered practicability analysis of two identification strategies in electrode arrays for FES induced hand motion in early stroke rehabilitation

Patient Semi-Automatic Automatic
  Tested shapes Array E Tested shapes Array F Combined VEs Feedback control (E) Wrist stabil. on Customized VE
1 circular circular, rectangular no yes no no
2 circular circular no yes/no no no
3 circular, ellipsoid, rectangular x no yes x no
4 circular circular, rectangular no no no no
5 circular circular no yes yes yes (VE2)
  1. The term combined VEs refers to the option of combining VEs with different positions to one active VE. The term Wrist stabil. on relates to the option of using the identified VE2 for wrist stabilization during the search in the flexor array. In the automatic search, there existed the option on defining customized VE, which were not ranked in the top five VE for a desired hand posture. For patient 3, the flexor array was not utilized. The corresponding entries are therefore marked with an ’x’