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Fig. 9

From: User-centered practicability analysis of two identification strategies in electrode arrays for FES induced hand motion in early stroke rehabilitation

Fig. 9

One grasp-and-release cycle with patient 1 using the VEs of the semi-automatic search. The applied stimulation intensities for hand opening (VE1) and grasping (VE3) are displayed in the first graph. Flexion/extension (α) and abduction (β) of the wrist are shown in the second graph in blue colors. Flexion/extension angles of the finger joints (MCPα, PIP, DIP) for fingers F2-F4 are plotted in green in the last three graphs. The measured hand posture including the thumb is visualized at discrete times during the three phases of the grasp-and-release cycle: hand opening, grasp of wooden cube, release. The little finger is depicted in gray, because it was not measured in the experiments. In the interest of a good visualization, the little finger was assigned the same joint angles as the ring finger

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