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Fig. 3

From: User-centered practicability analysis of two identification strategies in electrode arrays for FES induced hand motion in early stroke rehabilitation

Fig. 3

Course of action for the VE identification with the automatic search. First, the maximum tolerated stimulation intensity up of the individual patient is determined exemplarily by stimulating one array element manually. Then each element and element combination is stimulated sequentially with a staircase-like profile from zero until up (default step-size for the applied normalized charge: 0.01; default step-duration: 120 ms). A push-button was given to the patient, such that he/she was enabled to stop the stimulation at any time. The next element (phase I)/element combination (phase II) is stimulated automatically after 1.5 s of break (adjustable) or the stimulation is started by the patient pushing the button. During phase I, uncomfortable elements can be marked and are excluded for phase II

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