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Table 2 The best 12-DoF offline decode performance resulted from automatic electrode selection and constraining the training and testing movements to be in the flexion range only. Mean correlation coefficients between predicted position and actual position were computed across each DOF of a 12-DOF offline decode.

From: Restoration of motor control and proprioceptive and cutaneous sensation in humans with prior upper-limb amputation via multiple Utah Slanted Electrode Arrays (USEAs) implanted in residual peripheral arm nerves

   Electrode selection
Constraints   Manual (24) Automatic (49)
All movements 0.28 0.38
Flex range only 0.5 0.53
  1. Flex-range-only constraints involved limiting digit movement to be forward from baseline position only, whereas flex-and-extend allowed movement both forward and backward from the baseline position. Manual electrode selection (24 electrodes selected) was performed by experimenters during online collection of the data, whereas automated electrode selection was performed offline using a thresholding algorithm