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Fig. 3

From: Biceps femoris late latency responses and the “notching sign” in spasticity

Fig. 3

Ashworth Grade 2 spastisicity in a paraplegic case. “Notching” signs seen in the Ashworth 2 spastic paraplegic patient are observed in two consecutive pendulums. In the second trace, late responses observed in the rectus femoris muscle are unrelated to the subsequent beat of the oscillation. In the third trace, intensive Bf-M2 and M3 reflex responses emerged in the biceps femoris muscle. EMG recordings have been rectified. The bottom trace shows signs of triggering the patellar T reflex. The scale is shown on the left vertical line. The upper trace is the angle in degrees, while the middle and lower traces are shown in mV amplitude. The sweep speed is shown on the bottom right

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