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Fig. 3

From: Estimation of ground reaction forces and ankle moment with multiple, low-cost sensors

Fig. 3

Ground reaction kinetics estimation. Mean normalized components of the ground reaction kinetics for walking at 1.5 m/s and calf raises for four analysis groups and the instrumented treadmill. The mean walking prediction is very accurate for all of the groups except for the Single-Task, Inter-day group which has an error around 40 % of the gait cycle. The error for the calf raise trial is noticeably larger than that of the walking trials. The difference in mean predicted curve is also larger for the calf raise trials. The increase in error is likely due to having fewer sensors available when subjects are on the balls of their feet. Component Names: Anterior-Posterior Force (F ap ), Vertical Force (F v ), Medial-Lateral Force (F ml ), Anterior-Posterior Center of Pressure (C O P ap ), Medial-Lateral Center of Pressure (C O P ml ), Vertical Torque (T v )

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