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Table 3 Cross-correlation (ρ) between verbal cues and gyroscope movement, ITR, number of false alarms, and false alarm rate for the 30 overground walking tests performed. Note that the false alarm rates were calculated using the total idling duration. No omissions occurred during any overground walking session

From: The feasibility of a brain-computer interface functional electrical stimulation system for the restoration of overground walking after paraplegia

n=30 Average Std. Dev. Best
ρ 0.775 0.164 0.987
Lag (s) 2.861 4.229 2.742
ITR (bit/s) 2.298 0.904 3.676
FA 2.333 2.073 0
FA Rate (FA/s) 0.043 0.039 0
  1. The best session results (on the 28 th visit) are shown in the last column