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Fig. 4

From: Effects of handrail hold and light touch on energetics, step parameters, and neuromuscular activity during walking after stroke

Fig. 4

Reconstructed time normalized EMG patterns (dimensionless) of paretic (upper row) and non-paretic (lower row) leg, based on the three modes for each condition, averaged over strides and participants. Using the time courses Y (j) k we reconstructed signals as superposition \( {X}_{m,k}\approx {\tilde{X}}_{m,k}={\sum}_{j=1}^J{v}_m^{(j)}{Y}_k^{(j)} \). We further added the DC-values of the original EMGs to these time courses to generate EMG-like patterns. Solid lines indicate averages, shaded areas indicate SD over participants. Stride cycle starts and ends with initial contact of the nonparetic leg. GM = m. Gastrocnemius medialis; TA = m. Tibialis anterior; PL = m. Peroneus longus; RF = m. Rectus femoris; VL = m. Vastus lateralis; ST = m. Semitendinosus GL = m. Gluteus medius; TF = m. Tensor fascia latae

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