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Fig. 5

From: The visual amplification of goal-oriented movements counteracts acquired non-use in hemiparetic stroke patients

Fig. 5

Analysis of distance covered in the real-world pointing task. a. Mean distance covered by the paretic limb for all trials in pre-evaluation (Pre) and post-evaluation (Post) session 1 (S1) and session 2 (S2) for each target orientation (degrees). b. Within-subject difference in mean distance covered between post-evaluation in sessions 1 and 2 by workspace: paretic (PW), center (C), and non-paretic (NPW). c. Within-subject difference between post-evaluation and pre-evaluation in session 2 by workspace. d. Correlation between PSE shifts during washout phase in the VR task and range of motion improvements for the paretic limb in the RW task

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