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Figure 9

From: Continuous decoding of movement intention of upper limb self-initiated analytic movements from pre-movement EEG correlates

Figure 9

ROC curves and anticipation analysis for SCI patients. Panels (A) and (B) correspond to ROC curves of EF and WE, respectively. Each colored line represents one of the patients, while black lines show the average of the three of them. Circles on each line represent the point of the curve with equal sensitivity and specificity, which are considered the optimal working points. Diagonal gray dashed lines represent the performance of a random classifier. Each legend box contains the AUC for each patient and the average of them. Panel (C) shows anticipation analysis for each movement. The y axis indicates the anticipation in seconds and the x axis the movement type. For each movement, the colored bars indicate the mean ±std anticipation of each patient, and black bars the average anticipation for all of them.

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