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Figure 3

From: Continuous decoding of movement intention of upper limb self-initiated analytic movements from pre-movement EEG correlates

Figure 3

Electrophysiology analysis of the seven movements, averaged for the six healthy subjects. Panels A-G correspond to the analysis for each of the seven movements (SA, SF, SR, EF, ES, WE, and WR, respectively). The top and center-left areas of each panel show the significant ERD process in six channels around the motor cortex (x axis corresponds to the time interval [-3, 3], y axis represents the frequency range [1-50] Hz). Bottom-left area shows the average MRCPs for each subject (gray lines), and the average of the six subjects (black lines) in central channels C1, Cz and C2. Top-right depicts the scale of ERD plots. Center-right shows the ERD in the OSF signal. Bottom-right corresponds to the MRCP of the OSF signal.

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