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Figure 4

From: Manipulation of visual biofeedback during gait with a time delayed adaptive Virtual Mirror Box

Figure 4

The timing of events in the mirrored, delayed and morphed left leg (in green, from Figure 3) are illustrated in relation to gait events of the normal right leg (in blue) and the abnormal left leg (in red). Two values of delay (mICdelay and mTOdelay) are calculated at IC (bold vertical dotted line) from IC and TO events of the two sides identified during the previous gait cycle (underlined events). Movement of the avatar’s contralateral side (left side in this case, in red) is then delayed by a smoothly altered value changing from the previous mICdelay (mICdelay_prev) to mICdelay over S1, to mTOdelay over S2 and to mICdelay over S3. Solid symbols are events used in the calculations, empty symbols indicate the rest of events in the gait cycles. Abbreviations: Lds = Left double support, Rsw = Right swing, also see text.

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